Questions about a data package with inline data

In looking through the example data package repository, I noticed there are no examples of data provided as inline data so I thought I’d make one based on a list of Australian States from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

I’m not sure how to convert the data to inline data.

  • In the data property:
    • is \n correct to end each row or should it be \r\n
    • how do I deal with values containing spaces, e.g. New South Wales
  • Could this be a tabular data package with a schema and dialect?

CSV data:

1,New South Wales,800808771946.097050000000000
4,South Australia,984179342786.703000000000000
5,Western Australia,2526574197936.529800000000000
7,Northern Territory,1348198728404.389900000000000
8,Australian Capital Territory,2357945512.192359900000000
9,Other Territories,217650639.644612010000000


  "name": "australian-states",
  "title": "Australian States",
  "description": "Australian State (S/T) ASGS Edition 2011 in .csv Format by the Australian Bureau of Statistics sourced on 8 June 2018 from The data has been converted to in-line data to demonstrate that feature of data packages.",
  "profile": "data-package",
  "licenses": [{
      "name": "CC0-1.0",
      "title": "CC0 1.0",
      "path": ""
  "resources": [{
    "name": "states",
    "profile": "data-resource",
    "licenses": [{
      "title": "Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia licence",
      "url": ""
    "sources": [{
        "title": "State (S/T) ASGS Edition 2011 in .csv Format ",
        "path": ""
    "format": "csv",
    "data": "STATE_CODE_2011,STATE_NAME_2011,AREA_ALBERS_SQM\n1,New South Wales,800808771946.097050000000000\n2,Victoria,227495712226.849000000000000\n3,Queensland,1729958066470.129900000000000\n4,South Australia,984179342786.703000000000000\n5,Western Australia,2526574197936.529800000000000\n6,Tasmania,68018196798.286003000000000\n7,Northern Territory,1348198728404.389900000000000\n8,Australian Capital Territory,2357945512.192359900000000\n9,Other Territories,217650639.644612010000000"

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