Searching by data format with DKAN (like you can with CKAN)

I appreciate this is the CKAN board, not the DKAN one, but they only seem to do “social media” so it’s hard to ask anything technical there.

I know you can search with the CKAN API for data formats using either the resource_search or package_search API’s. I’d like to do this with DKAN, but they don’t seem to support it, at least not via their CKAN-compatible API ( I don’t suppose anyone here knows how to do the equivalent with the DKAN API?

You may want to check out their GitHub repo

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@Jonathan Last time I checked, DKAN made only minimal functionality available in the ‘CKAN compatible API’ - enough to harvest (sort of), but nothing else.

Drupal itself has a native search API, which is probably what you need to look for, if they have enabled it. I can’t see this or any search API mentioned in their docs though.

Thanks; I’ve already tried that but there’s nothing helpful in there.

The most I’ve managed to find so far is - Support resource_search API [#2125133] | - but no idea if it has been implemented. I’ve asked on the DKAN slack channel a couple of time but only got back crickets.

Perhaps, you can reach out to the current DKAN portal operator and ask them to consider CKAN? :slight_smile:

One major reason some data publishers choose DKAN is because its integrated with Drupal, which may well be the CMS they’re already using.

You may want to bring to their attention that there is a Drupal module to integrate CKAN.

Hey @Jonathan this is Dan from the DKAN team - I just noticed this post. Our CKAN API support is fairly basic and, as others have stated, does not include a search. We’re working on providing an API-based search built-in to the product, but for now you could add one yourself with the services_search_api module.

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