Show dynamically created images from a web service

We are trying to create timelines inserting urls from a public repositori created with ContentDM software.

The repositori software doesn’t offer a direct link to a jpeg or png image for
every document (or page of a document). Instead it provides a url access to its visualization tool for every document.
PagePeeker is able to create a thumbnail for that but it’s not what we want.

We want to show at the timeline the complete and clear image. Without the rest of the objects included in the ContentDM web tool.
We have found a way to ask ContentDM to return only the image. But it’s a dynamic ajax
request that creates the visualization on the fly.
And PagePeeker isn’t able to understand that call.

  • An example of what I’m trying to explain

The url that our ContentDM repositori provides:
(that PagePeeker shows but as a ContentDM page)

The url of the ContentDM web services that returns a clear jpeg image:,6&DMWIDTH=4000&DMHEIGHT=2692
(that PagePeeker doesn’t understand)

Do you know a way to achieve that PagePeeker could show a dynamic created images from a web
Or if TimeMapper will evolve to provide the possibility to use this kind of dynamic

Thanks in advance.

Any response will be appreciate.