Updating the Open Definition to meet the challenges of today – Open Knowledge

Exciting news, will be interested to see what develops from this.


Thanks for the notice, and for prompting me to log in and add a comment. :slight_smile:

I wonder if we shall consider extending the notion of openness in OD to the process rather than just the objects (“works” in OD 2.1) of which the process creates.


I’m not in a position to be as involved this time around. That said, I support this effort. I think it’s extremely important.

I first got involved in the Open Definition when I was objecting to the process of finalizing things without checking for missing perspectives first. I hope that does not happen again.

This time around, I would like to be in the position where I’m following this thread and similar — and when anything concrete has been worked out, I will get a chance to check it over and confirm that I feel it’s on the right track. If I see something missing or flawed, I will be able to bring up the topic, and the concern will be heard and appreciated.

This is one of many important points. Such an open process can be used to do this revisiting of the OD itself.

My gratitude to those who will volunteer their time to lead things. This is very important work.

FWIW: besides family commitments and so on, I am working on my own process of making updated understandings of many FLO and related ideas in light of what I’ve learned and seen change over these past years. When I have worked through the noisy stuff I’m already processing, there will be a time I might be ready to contribute more here.

Thanks everyone

(Now I have to get back to prepping my LibrePlanet talk for this weekend)


I am also excited to see this announcement from OKFN. I’m curious to see what’s the scope of changes to the Definition that will be proposed.

I hope that this quickly is setup as participatory process, and the governance model of the Definition (the Council) is rebooted. The Open Definition was unique in this regard, and we need good examples of participatory governance in the commons.

I’m looking forward to contributing to this process :slight_smile:

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