3 Groups missing: open hums, laws, economics


There are no badges listed under ‘working groups’(1) for the open humanities group, the open laws group or the open economics group. These are all the groups I am interested in, and have been involved in previously.

Are they still functioning? Are they yet to be migrated to this forum?

1: https://discuss.okfn.org/badges/

Setup Groups and Badges for all Working Groups

Those groups are definitely still here e.g.:


No Humanities section but we should definitely have one if you want to request it :slight_smile:

In terms of badges we just need to make them - design offers are welcome :slight_smile:


Ah. The ‘Groups’ button at the top of (every?) page links to the badges page. That’s a bug. Is there a list of the groups somewhere round here?


Whilst the open legislation and open economics Categories exist, Groups and Badges for them do not.

The button labelled “Groups” at the top of the page is actually Badges. Groups is a separate concept and only accessible to Admins (to my knowledge)

At present it looks like the only OK Working Group set up as a Group and with a Badge is Open Spending.

Open Education has a Badge but is not a Group.

@danfowler should all OK Working Groups with a Category on this Forum have a Group and Badge set up in Discourse?


@Stephen i think we definitely want to do that. Could you open a new topic proposing that either in this category or meta and we can action.


Done! Setup Groups and Badges for all Working Groups.