4 MILLION of JATS articles... It is really open Science and valid open data here?



I am looking for people of this community that will like to discuss (or work with) the Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) standard, and the use of JATS repositories as relevant source of open knowledge, open data and open Science.

Perhaps we must first to check if a JATS article is considered here, in this community, a kind of open Science resource — and tables, metadata, etc of an article is considered “first class open data”.

Short presentation

Any research article of scientific literature can be “translated” into a kind of XML database,

Today there are ~4 million of full-text JATS articles in the big repositories, as PubMed Central and SciELO.

Some news for those who already know JATS:

  • Texture - an open science manuscript editor, the “version 1.0” of the first open source project that can really reduce JATS costs and increase JATS quality.

  • JATS4R is working again, and have a lot of afinidades with OK.

  • … we can also use this topic to talk about news…