A Public Domain Data Package


If I have a Data Package that contains a Data Resource that is shared under Public Domain, can someone please confirm that the licenses properties should be:

name : other-pd
path :
title : Other (Public Domain)

Based on http://licenses.opendefinition.org/licenses/other-pd.json from http://licenses.opendefinition.org/

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


@Stephen i think that is right. I would recommend applying an actual Public Domain “license/dedication” such as CC-Zero or for data you can use PDDL https://opendatacommons.org/licenses/pddl/


Looking deeper…

Other (Public Domain) is for Open Content not Open Data based on the json:

"domain_content": true,
"domain_data": false,

So being specific about the licence (CC-Zero, PDDL) makes sense.

Other (Public Domain), Other (Attribution), and Other (Open) appear to support providing a simple list of licences for a licence chooser for Open Content published on CKAN. I’m surprised these generic licences are do not have "domain_data": true given that CKAN publishes open data.

My thinking is that these values should not be stored as a open licence entries on http://licenses.opendefinition.org/