Is there a machine-readable list of open licences and urls?


Where can I find a machine-readable list of conformant licences and associated urls?


Found it!

Handy resource :smiley: thanks


However, isn’t up to date. The plan is to merge it with the main repo but I haven’t done anything towards that, see


Thanks. I was looking for a resource to use in a drop down list asking the user to specify which open license they are applying. Any suggestions?

What’s involved in fixing issue #7? Perhaps I can help if it’s not too complex.


Given that the Frictionless Data specification requires an open licence, I think this issue is important to resolve. I don’t think I have the rights to address Issue #7 as proposed but can I address it within the current implementation?

cc: @danfowler @pwalsh


Hi @Stephen

The Frictionless Data specifications do not require an open license.


I believe the specification says otherwise, unless I’m interpreting it incorrectly:

P.S. Broken link reported in #454


Thanks. This is a regression in the latest changes. Will fix.


I’m going to have to look at it again in depth to see if it can be broken apart and there are easy parts. I assigned the issue to myself as a reminder. Feel free to bug me about it if I don’t follow up in the next couple weeks.


Hi @mlinksva and @Stephen it would be awesome to fix #7 and i can volunteer to help.

Also maybe @todrobbins might be up for helping too :slight_smile:


I’m feeling free to bug you. I’ll need this for a project I’m starting.


Made a start