About the Open Government category

The Open Government Data category is a place to share news, events and projects that are related to opening government data across the globe.

It replaces the mailing list of the Open Government Data working group.

While a lot of Open Knowledge relates to Open Government Data (The Open Data Index, Open Spending, etc.), this category is broader and can allow different discussion about any of the Open Government Data (as there is a lot to speak about!)

For policy and research about open data (and open gov data) please post in the [policy and research][1] category.

As always, remember to respect one another and to listen and learn. I am sure this new platform will give us new opportunities to discuss and create more wonderful projects.

[1]: Policy and Research - Open Knowledge Forums

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The following web pages need to be updated to direct conversations to this discussion forum rather than to the old open government mailing list. Some pages have links to multiple email forums (e.g. open data handbook)

As an aside, the whole http://opengovernmentdata.org site looks like it could do with a refresh - some content is very old.

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