Alternative Logins e.g. Github, Facebook


This is a thread about enabling new login methods to this forum e.g. via github, facebook, twitter etc.

Login with Github or Twitter

I have just enabled github login.


I’ve tested that the Persona plugin works and recommend it.


Really useful to know Mike. Is Persona still quite heavily used? Also do we need to install a plugin there or does it work “out of the box” in Discourse?


Need to install a plguin. It’s never been heavily used. Is interesting because it’s open and has decent UX, a combination not found in other options.


Persona has a feature no (or few) others have: privacy. Persona is designed so that your email provider or the log-in provider doesn’t have to know what sites you log into. Of course, this is a bit moot if you then get email notifications (for the email issue anyway). Still, Persona is nice in principle, but needs to get more widespread support. It’s a critical mass / collective action issue.

I’m happy to see it supported here.


AFAICT github registration for the forum doesn’t work - I tried a few times but get a consistent error “sorry, there was an error authorising your account” error in the popup whenever I click the “github” button option on the sign up page. This is the same whether I am already logged in to github within the browser, or if I manually login in the popup.

(is this the right place to report bugs?)


Hi all, we have fixed the issue with GitHub logins and enabled Facebook login :heavy_check_mark: .
Please try it out and let us know if it works well for you.

To enable Facebook login, I created a Facebook app per these instructions on my personal account. I might have to friend an Open Knowledge sysadmin so they can also have admin rights on the app :slight_smile: too.