Swiss summer events 🏖




This is great @loleg - really useful and an inspiration for others e.g. i know @teemu.ropponen and Finns have MyData at end of August.


One more community-run event! On November 23 & 24 we will get together in Lausanne to focus on a core national problem: bridging the linguistic divide! Check out the hackathon announcement in five languages here:


this should be a pinned topic on and every person who dedicate a little bit of their time to disseminate the events of their own country should get a special badge. So good, thank you very much.


Thanks @stephanyzd :blush: It’s been a marathon…I mean, hackathon year, and I can barely keep up with all the event announcements. In fact a data-ful community like ours should really come up with a better solution to keeping people updated & involved…<ahem/>