Better use of data in government: UK Government Consultation April 2016

This consultation closes at 22 April 2016 11:45pm

Summary: The consultation seeks feedback on how the government can use data to improve public services for citizens and to improve decision-making.

Proportionate, secure and well-governed information sharing between public authorities can improve the lives of citizens. It can also support decisions on the economy which allow businesses to flourish, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the public sector. The government aims to do more to unlock the power of data.

This consultation looks at enabling information sharing between public authorities to improve the lives of citizens and support decisions on the economy and society. The proposals fall into 3 categories:
Improving public services

  • allowing public authorities to share personal data in specific contexts to improve the welfare of a specific person*
  • enabling public authorities to access to civil registration data (births, deaths and marriages)

Addressing fraud and debt

  • helping citizens manage their debt more effectively and reduce the overdue debt that they owe to government*
  • helping detect and prevent the losses government currently experiences due to fraudulent activity

Allowing use of data for research and official statistics

  • giving the Office for National Statistics access to detailed administrative government data to improve their statistics
  • using de-identified data in secure facilities to carry out research for public benefit

/cc @MathPascal @nickmhalliday - I know you are both interested in the policy and advocacy and this seems like a relevant item.

Would be worth digging a bit further into the consultation and highlighting anything relevant from the “open” point of view.