Blog post: Data as a public good and responsibilities of scientists



Recently I attended the 8th plenary meeting of Research Data Alliance (RDA) and International Data forum which were organized as part of International Data Week (11-17 September, 2016) in Denver, USA. I have shared my experience (blog post) as a first-time attendee of RDA plenaries. The meeting was very informative and useful to understand key concepts of open science and get an overview of how data scientists and policy makers are working to solve data problems/issues. The meeting portrayed both the opportunities and challenges of open science. Later in the post, I have highlighted some of the aspects of data science covered at International Data Forum. I hope that my post is relevant to OKI and I look forward to hear feedback.


Nice post. Thanks for sharing it @kisun! This post is definitely relevant here. I was also at International Data Week (my first time) and took away many of the same lessons. Did you end up joining any working groups relevant to DNA and RNA sequence data?


Thanks @danfowler. I have not joined any working groups so far but I will be involved in a Early Career BoF group that will be introduced in next plenary in Barcelona. I am interested to participate in groups that work in livestock genomics (currently there is none) in future.