Blog upgrade notice!


Hi All!
We’ve recently made a major change to our blogging infrastructure to make it more scalable and more secure. In order to migrate your blog to the new infrastructure, we need your co-operation on two points:

  1. A read-only period from 12:00 July 7th for 24 hours

Any changes made to your blog in this time will not be saved.

  1. Changes to your DNS

If you manage your own DNS, then you need to update your DNS records. Please add a CNAME record for your domain pointing to

You can try your site on this address - {ID}
And add bugs (if you find any!) on this Github repository

Tagging here people who this upgrade is relevant to them. If you are not tagged, this upgrade will not affect you.
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Site OK France : changement de thème

Also relevant to:
@bratsas , @adolflow , @jaakkokorhonen @stefankasberger, @Bytemarks , @samgta , @Haklae_Kim @fenggaosh @ewan_klein


@schee @YasGarcia @martinsz @edobejar @titinto @ahmedmaawy @oluseun @silviuvert @vantharith @nilleren


@genova @mattias @Maricarmen_Sequera @irispalma @rlafuente


No problems for me. Thanks!


No problem for me. Thanks for the warning.


I checked out blog and it looks and works well, thanks!


Checked the site. Thanks!


Everything is ok


So, blogging infrastructure is not a planet with multiple sources? It a path worth to explore. Let me know if there is some advance in this sense.




Forgot to reply here – all good!


Looks good, one minor detail: when posting as “guest”, the text in the upper right corner states: “If you would like to write something for the Open Education Working Group then please get in touch!”. For an example, see


Thanks! I reported it.