Building a baseline of health facility data with OpenStreetMap

Healthsites is building a global commons of health facility data by making OpenStreetMap useful to the medical community and humanitarian sector. We are inviting organisations to share health facility data and collaborate to establish an accessible global baseline of health facility data in support of Sustainable Development Goal 3.8 Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

A rapid and reproducible picture of open access health facility data in Africa to support the COVID-19 response -


Please get in contact if you have data to share or would like to find out more:

That sounds like a very interesting and important project!

These are the official and primary source from the Brazilian government about health sites in Brazil:

This one is enriched with a lot more data about each health facility site, but I don’t know if it is up to date with the primary source:

I remember that circa 2017 there was a project to integrate this data source with Open Street Map, but I do not know if it is still maintained or kept up to date. It would be nice to integrate those data sources into OSM and Health Sites.

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