Open Knowledge events on Open Health (Data)

There’s been a spate of open health related events around the Open Knowledge network lately and it would be fantastic to work out if there are cross-cutting issues that have come up - please do start a topic on the forum if there is a discussion worth having!

Open Knowledge Australia ran #healthhack in Melbourne and Sydney with outputs including visualising data about who is receiving health research grants to an app for tracking addictive behaviour:
Blog: HealthHack 2014: the story of a bar chart – Open Knowledge Australia
Website: (with links to participant blogs via #healthhack)

Open Knowledge Finland has a My Data Heath Data expert meetup on 18 Nov:

Open Knowledge Sweden ran an eHealth After Work event back in September:
Blog: OKFN Sweden invites you for eHealth After work – Open Knowledge Sweden

Have we missed your event? Let us know and do start up a discussion based on the hot topics that came out of your events.



There’s more events and meetups elsewhere in this forum - including some new Health Hacks.

Add more and shout about those already there :sunflower:

We ran an open health data hackathon in Switzerland a couple of years ago, and are having a public call this Friday to brainstorm how and when to renew the momentum. I will encourage participants to check out this Working Group, as well as other references and activities around the network.

There will be an interesting event called Hacking Health REshape at the end of August in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

And there will be another NHS Hack Day in London on September 12-13.


I’ve posted a video recording and summary of our call on open data for health to my blog. Here are some ways I think we would could support Open Knowledge projects in Switzerland - and would love to hear your ideas for more!

  • an open health data wiki leading to resources and projects from an engaged community
  • an active collaboration with Swiss government, at a time when e-health is a national priority
  • experience in encouraging organizations, field experts, scientists to share usable findings
  • connections to international networks such as Open Knowledge and the European Union
  • a growing capacity to provide feedback and grassroots training in open data and its uses