Bulk update of Council Ward map data - can you help?

One of the datasets to assess in Australia’s Local Open Data Census is Ward map data. This is maintained by the State Governments across Australia. If we can get the data released, then with 8 bulk submissions, we could create 569 entries.

Can you code? Could you write a bulk submission feature and add it to the census?

Can’t code? Write to your State and ask for the data to be released - I’ve already written to Queensland.

Are there other opportunities to do bulk updates to the census:

  • roads?
  • property boundaries?
  • addresses?
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Awesome! Queensland released the local government divisional boundaries data.

Now to get it loaded.

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There’s a sea of green for Ward Map data in Australia’s Local Open Data Census.

All Queensland Council Ward Map Data 100% open.

Can you add your State’s Ward Map data?