Can we resurrect


Cool. I forked the repo and made some commits to reflect the current state of the site. One thing I noticed is that, instead of pulling directly from the database, much of the content is pulled from a “cache” directory that seems to be composed of html files generated by some PHP scripts in “cache-generator” directory. For some reason, I couldn’t get all of these files (some 4000!) to be re-generated this way, so I moved this cache-generator directory into “scripts” (was in the root directory) so it could be studied.

It’s probably worth thinking about what a re-architected version of the site would look like. Thoughts, @mike & @swmerrill?


Odd that the PHP would generate HTML files and put them in a cache directory!

If we’re thinking of a re-architected site, I’m curious about what you see it looking like. My primary interest is in having a database in which to look up product information using some kind of API. That presupposes that the database is kept up-to-date. I’m wondering what else people might want.

The first thing I’d like to do, though, is figure out why the Android app (and possibly the iOS app) cannot retrieve data now that the site is back online. When I get a minute I’ll check whether the code for those is in the repository.


@swmerrill how is it going? I know we got site back online but we have subsequently had issues on server s033 (where I think it was living). Can we migrate this site across to s110?

/cc @danfowler


Yeah, I stood up the site on s033, and I can work on dockerizing it and bringing it up on s110.


@rufuspollock @swmerrill has been dockerized and re-resurrected on s110. The official GitHub repo now reflects the running site.


That’s fantastic :smile:

Is the Dockerfile already available on GitHub somewhere?


Not yet. It’s on my todo list :smile:. Cheers!


Hi, the dockerfiles for the web and database containers have been uploaded to github ( ). You would just need to download the database to start it off:



Hello All, I am the founder of a Tech company that is starting to catalog global TV commercials, and the products that appear in them. Product details, Pictures, Associated Brands, Industry Metadata, etc etc… as well as the TV commercials production information and cast. Demo is at if anyone interested. The product information will be open source, and is being populated by a team at the moment. I am looking for contributors, or to partnerships and act as a data source for product-open-data… Please get in contact me - if interested.



I have just discover Open Product Data, It’s quite cool and neccessary, the
thing is that I have been working in a quite similiar project WikiObject

WikiObject is a wikimedia proposal, the main idea is use wikidata
infrastructure for store every object and wikidata properties like
manufacturer, brand , etc…

Here is an object example :

I was reading about Open Product Data not sure about it’s infrastructure or
future guidelines but one first step that could be make is a property
proposal in
wikidata for BSIN code (Brand Standard Identifier Number and try to tend a
bridge beetween two projects. I also made a property proposal for GTIN

So I’m glad to find this project and I think that maybe we could empower it
all togther in some way.



GTIN is now a wikidata property, here the discussion:

And here is an example of one product from Open Data Product database created in Wikidata:

The idea to “resurrect product-open-data” could be use wikidata as infrastructure for storing product data information, and use wikibase or another client to show the information in a user friendly way.

I am not a wikimedia reponsible, developer or whatever so I only had feedback from wikimedia community through forums (see I think that begin conversations with/between OKFN/Wikimedia stakeholders should be good since this idea have too much implications to start without join forces.

P.D: I had proposed other properties like CO2 footprint (It could be interesting as open data in products) but It was refused,

More interesting availiable tangible goods wikidata properties listed in