CKAN Server Azure or CKAN APIs?



I’ve working with Open Data for a while now. I was running a Python Kivy application that consumes JSON based DC.govt open data using REST APIs. But I’m trying to make this application more robust and comprehensive.
CKAN server looks like a good solution for faster processing.

I was reading a blog lately on CKAN. It says CKAN now provides CKAN APIs instead of REST access instead. Trying to compare if consuming APIs in my is better or spinning CKAN server in my Azure is better. Any suggestions would be really helpful.


i do not know much about azure, but am curious about what you are doing with data.
you can always add the data you are using to code for dc’s open data portal:


Thanks. Sure, I’ve created a Python Kivy based mobile application to show GIS map on the Kivy app. For data source I’ve used DC.Govt GIS data as JSON files. And projected shapefiles on the applications. General open data maps like- traffic light positions, trees in DC etc.

I participated in Open data conference in DC two years with this app and showed it to interested individuals.