Company register - can a search interface be considered a list?

Company register is defined as List of registered (limited liability) companies. In Czech Rep and I believe in many other countries, this data is available through a HTML search interface. You can query for names of companies or owners and get data bit by bit. Or scrape. I would rate this as available but not in bulk.

But in the last index, i see very similar cases (e.g. Slovakia) submitted and reviewed as not available.

So i just wanted to double check before submitting:
Does company data which has to be queried for qualify as a list for this dataset?

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this is Czech company register i was refering to: Veřejný rejstřík a Sbírka listin - Ministerstvo spravedlnosti České republiky

Even if it’s not a list, but a mere search interface protected by captcha, it qualifies to be scored.
The main criterias are:

  1. It is an official company register published by government
  2. It is available online
  3. It contains at least the following fields: identifier, name, address

@dannylammerhirt I think this is kind of a methodology question you can help answer

If it can only be queried by the official registry number, and not by name or other more recognizable criteria (that is the case of Brazil), I don’t think it qualifies as available.

For comparison, that is the criteria considered by the Open Company Data Index Methodology.

Thanks! It does conform to all points. I principally agree with you but saw different approaches in GODI 2015, so i just wanted to doublecheck :slight_smile:

It can be queried also by name of the company or owners. So, I think this data qualifies, even though it is not a list per se. Thank you!