Finland, Open Data Index 2015 and Company Register (false information)


Please check this website:
and correct “Company Register” information (

Openly licensed? Yes (Creative Commons Attribution 4.0)
Is the data machine readable? Yes (JSON)
Is the data available for free? Yes
Available in bulk? No (maximum of 300 searches within one minute)
Is the data provided on a timely and up to date basis? Yes (data is updated once a day)
Is the data available online? Yes
Is data in digital form? Yes
Publicly available? Yes
Does the data exist? Yes

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Mika Honkanen (
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Open Knowledge Finland


I adviced Mika to ask from here since I am not anymore sure how the updating of the Global open data index information works. Could someone provide insight (or link) on how we can update incorrect information in the index?

@Mor do you know?



In 2015 we gave an correction period for editing submissions before locking the index.
After that period we have locked the Index, and it can’t be changed for 2015 anymore.

If you want, you can edit it now to the current census website: , but this will show only in 2016.

Feedback on Open Data Index report 2015

I did it. Now the information about finish company register should be right (in 2016 index).

  • Mika