Core Datasets Managing Curator

We’re on the lookout for “Managing Curators” to coordinate activity on the Core Datasets Project.

What’s involved? Keeping an eye on the issues in the queue, occasionally help QA new dataset submissions and, most importantly, providing encouragement and support to current and new curators.

How much time is needed? This is largely up to you but we imagine no more than 10m each day or a couple of hours a week (and this is not required day in or day out - or even week in or week out).

With the role comes great glory including a special badge / role on Badges - Open Knowledge Labs :slight_smile:

You’ll also get one-on-one tutoring and support from me and help from all the other curators.

To indicate your interest please just leave a reply here on this topic and we’ll be in touch.

Updated: 9 April 2015

@sxren stepped up here but has now got busy and we are now looking for more folks!

Hi, I’d like to help out. Here’s my personal GitHub account and one of my open data projects. Besides the GitHub foo, I’m very into QA, especially creating automated testing.


@dogweather great to hear from you and fantastic you are up for helping out. Would you like to dive straight in or would you like a short orientation chat?

As an initial introduction, please check out (if you haven’t already!):

It’d be nice to have a quick google or skype chat; what time zone are you in? I’m available 9am–midnight US-Pacific.

I’m totally comfortable diving right in, though: I’m reading through the docs, and I’ll post an introduction shortly.

Thanks! Looking forward to helping out.

@dogweather great you are diving in and you are welcome to start asking and answering question on the queue.

Re the call I’ve booted a topic here for discussion and agreeing a time and topics: Introduction Hangout for Core Data Curation April 2015

Want to know more. Plan to attend the Saturday hangout to learn more.

@jackpark great - can you confirm in hangout thread that that time works for you.

@dogweather - ditto can you confirm time works for you.

Replied elsewhere. Yup. Can make it.

@dogweather and @jackpark I want to check in - it would be wonderful to have your support as managing curators. Notes and video from the hangout last weekend have been posted in the hangout thread here if you want find out more:

@dogweather let me know if you are still interested or not - happy to arrange a short skype briefing if you are.

Right now I am stuck on putting the data package online. I have a csv file for the GDP by Industry data but I can’t figure out how to create a json file (it’s attached as a txt file).

I posted the csv file of this data to Google drive here: GDP by Industry Countriy.csv - Google Sheets

I am confused on how to get this data onto Github. I created this page for the data: mcnabber091/GDP-by-Industry-Country · GitHub. I do not know how to put my data on there.

Next steps for an aspiring managing curator?

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@pdehaye great to hear you are interested. I recommend watching the first half of he intro video here: Introduction Hangout for Core Data Curation April 2015 and taking a look at the guide:

Then you can dive in to the datasets queue and start commenting: Issues · datasets/awesome-data · GitHub

For help just post in the core datasets category of the forum :slight_smile:

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Since I am getting to know the processes and the team and former contributors, I think I will wait a few weeks or even months to get fully aware of everything, and then I can help out in the managemnet of the core datasets project.