Creating a Dataset on the DataHub

To create a dataset you need to be a member of an “organization” on the DataHub.

We can create an organization for you very quickly. Just do the following:

  • Choose the title and “slug” (for the url) for your organization (e.g. “My New Organization” and “my-new-organization”).
  • Sign up for an account on if you have not yet done so, and note your DataHub username so we can make you admin of that organization. (You need a account. A account won’t work for this.)
  • Open a new ticket here and provide that information (title, slug, username). We suggest you title the ticket “New Organization Request” so we can act on it quickly.

Once, you’ve created your new organization, consider creating a new dataset by following these guides:


At present on the DataHub:

  • You need an organization to create a dataset
  • To create an organization requires “system administrator” privileges

This means if you are not a member of an organization (and are not a sysadmin) you can’t create datasets but need to first request that an organization is created for you.

This current, rather restrictive, setup came about as a temporary measure to address heavy spamming. More details are in this blog post:


Hello there!

Could you please create the following organization?

Title: “WWU Linked Data Lab”
slug: wwu_lod
username: jimus



Your organization ‘WWU Linked Data Lab’ is now created.

After logging in with your user (jimus), you can add new datasets here:

And edit its details here:

Have a nice day!