Unable to import data package to DataHub.io

Hi all,

Not sure whether I should create a new topic or continue with that one: Creating a Dataset on the DataHub.
Anyway, I’ve replied on a blog post but this forum shall probably be more appropriate to report my problem.

So here it is: when I try to import a data package from here, I get a 500 error : “Server Error. An internal server error occurred” with no further detail.

My zip archive is small (9KB), it contains two RDF files along with the datapackage.json at the root.
According to the data packagist my datapackage.json file seems valid.

I’m quite confused with this topic that basically says that only tabular content is supported. To me, CKAN can support mostly any type of data, csv, pdf, rdf etc. Am I wrong? Or maybe this limitation applies only with the option to upload a data set, not a data package.

Any clarification and idea about what goes wrong would be most welcome (I can send my archive if that helps).



Hello @fmichel sorry you had an issue. CKAN can support many types of data. And Data Packages also support pointing to many types of data. However, the Data Package importer on CKAN specifically only supports pushing tabular data into the DataStore, which might lead to an error. However there may be something else going on, so I’m messaging you privately.

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