Creating sub national civic dialouge with governmenet



Why do we want to discuss about local civic dialogue:

  • to learn about incentives for a good dialogue
  • to get the data that i really need open
  • to deal with piracy and privacy
  • rural/ local research and better open data for gov
  • Tangible access and assets

What do we want to get out of this (critical factors are marked with a *)?

  • a good resource to refer to do as gov / civil society
  • First steps for the dialogue
  • help out with local activism
  • ideas about growing and amplifying open data

How can we do it?

  • Blame the government / blame everyone
  • identify the problem / find long standing for local problem / issue *
    (in order to get together put your ego aside *)
  • identify users / stakeholders *
  • orginizing an interactive gathering with all
  • states assumptions
  • Declare interests
    (then create an MOU for the dialogue *)
    -Define terms of engagement / expected outcomes
    -Vision Agenda
    (The above are interactive processes)


  • create a clear path to move forward
  • Translate government actions to technical / policy language that allow to different stakeholders to understand what it done.
  • refine the problems

All of these can help to create a code of conduct*, building trust*, have tangible assests and to go from concrete to general