How can we bring the open exchange for social change to the main conference



The revolution starts with people, so let make a change!

Now how do we do it?

  • Try to have a place in the conference to summarise what happened in the unconference.
  • There are going to regional sessions and sharing the learning from here in those regional sessions.
  • Create badges or raise awareness in the conference space.
  • Keep going local and thinking of local context. Remind people that open data has the different meaning in different context.
  • Keep asking questions about our work.
  • We need to speak to more people and to educate groups about open data so they can use it.
  • Ask questions at the end of the session! :slight_smile:
  • Use the learning from the unconference in our own presentations and our other pre events.
  • How to look at open data production from the beginning.
  • Very simple questions can be really productive to our work.
  • Taking action on the actions plans we created this afternoon.
  • Making sure we report back in the future about what we learned here.
  • Open Data is means to social change, we need to remind it to people.
  • Will take the open washing to the measurement and the open data charter.
  • Look and speak to people who are not from your field in the conference itself.
  • How can we include the global south in the sessions.
  • Continue the conversation with people you met in the Unconference as well!
  • Expirement! Trail and error is great.
  • write about the unconference! Blog about it or tweet about what you learn during the event.
  • Try to challenge the roadmap that we are building.
  • Share your best open data fail at @rusosnith session!
  • Change your session format!