Datasets definitions for the Global Open Data Index - Methodology consultation #1

Hello all,

As mentioned here , we are asking for your opinion on two issues in the index methodology. This topic will focus on datasets definitions. In other words, how do we define the datasets the we are going to measure.

In past years we got some feedback about how we define the datasets that we work with, and our experience allowed us to iterate and change some of the definitions. For this year’s Global Open Data Index, we gather all of the feedback and our ideas in this document.

Firstly, the document holds to main assumptions about national datasets -

  1. The role of government in publishing data
  2. The role of National government as aggregator of data

Secondly, it describes the problems in defining and comparing datasets in an international level
Also, this document also proposes four different guidelines to create better definitions for datasets.

Please comment on the Google doc or ask anything about it on this thread.

This Thread will be closed on Tuesday, 14.7.

@PJPauwels, @jpmckinney, @Stephen, @ovoicu & @dirdigeng - I know you raised these points in the past, I think your will find this interesting.

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Thank you all of you who participated!
This consultation is now closed.