Democracy Based on Open Source AI - Democracia Baseada em IA Open Source

Hi Everyone!

I have a dream about a world where Democracy is based on an Open Source Artifial Inteligence System.

I have the bases of this ideia, and I can see how it could be good for our Planet and Humanity, but I have any knowledge of programing to develop sush a huge project.

Are there people interested in this, with who I could share the topics of this idea?

Olá a Todos!

Eu tenho um sonho sobre o mundo onde a Democracia é baseada em um Sistema de Inteligência Artificial de Código Aberto.

Eu tenho as bases dessa idéia, e posso ver como isso poderia ser bom para o nosso Planeta e para a Humanidade, mas eu não tenho qualquer conhecimento de programação para desenvolver este grande projeto.

Haverá pessoas interessadas nisto, com quem eu possa partilhar os tópicos desta ideia?

What political science or political economy have you done? I’d start by getting a reading list of essential texts and also distilling for yourself what are the essential problems of democracy.

I’d also recommend having a look at this post of mine which highlights some of the problems with “techno-solutionist” approaches to problems of governance and democracy. It also identifies two core problems of democratic governance: the principal agent problem and the collective action problem.

You may also find some useful similar and complementary material in:

First off all, thank you so mush for replying.

Secondly, I have to say that I agree, in most part, with what you have stated in your article. Don’t agree so mush with your point of view on blockshain, but that is not so important (now) for my position in a future Democratic evolution.

Dabating this with someone how studies democracy is at least rewarding for me.

As I stated on my inicial post, my aim is to share my vision on a possible evolution of Democracy, and hope that something can be in fact done. Being this, for exemple, reaching the Open Sorce comunity to develop this tool I call: Open Source AI Democracy.

Being verry concerned with all that is hapenning in our Planet; trying to understand how Democracy works, why and how was this tool build; observing voting beavior and its results; etc…

this idea came to me after having contact with Open Drive - a ‘simple’ app that ables you to connect a smartphone to your car and make it a self driven automobile, as it shares data with all the users to make the app as more eficient as possible.

From here this was my question: What if we could use the same principal and develop an informatic aplication that could help us run more eficiently the needs of Humanity?

An Open Source code to run, democraticly, human needs, in a local, regional, national and global levels.

A system where (in the future) we dont even have to vote because the system colects all the data available worldwide, treats it, and therefore compiles the needs, and send ‘orders’ to be folowed and executed, by us - humans - and assisted systems.

All the data is already in the open data and the internet of things. All the data is already there being colected every minute, every where. We have all the statistics, right now.

Where is food needed. Where is water needed. Where is necessary to stop fishing. Where is necessary to stop ‘producing’ animals. Where is medical care necessary. And so on.

Our democratic systems bases the decisions on groups of persons and on individual opinions, interests and greed. And of course economy and money. Always the money issue…

Democracy should be used to take care of the needs of humans, animal and the planet, not to feed greed and power.

Using a Democracy based on AI, where this groups no longer exist because they are no longer needed, there will remain the implementation of the actions to supress the needs and the action of debating and deciding moral questions.

At least we - the people - should do something about this. Try to implement some tool that helps reaching what Humanity and the Planet realy need.

Some tool to help this Democracy in crisis we use, that no longer works for the people.

Dont you agree?

Thaks for your time.

I think you want to do some work to distill the essence of your argument here :smile: - i’m finding a bit tough to parse.

One of my most beloved sci-fi characters is R. Daneel Olivaw

“He” eventually “evolved” to become Humanity’s Caretaker, paternalistically manipulating events behind the scenes, judiciously using the fictional science of psychohistory to nudge events towards what “he” computed/predicted as the Greater Good.

Still, with all the talk of increased AI capabiities, bad algorithms, and paternalism - with Richard Thaler even winning the 2017 Nobel Prize for his work on behavioral economics, be careful what you wish for.

A “benevolent” AI and a discipline like “psychohistory” may not be that far off! :wink:

Fase 1

  • Get Open Source comunity attention
  • Start development of a Code capable of learning with Global Data about Real Human Needs, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Food and Health Suply, Biodiversity, Water Resorces, Goods Production, Garbage, Energy, Geologic and Environmental Events, etc…
  • Design the Code to be able to present Indicators and Real Solutions about Where, What and How Mush of these Real Needs must be treated Most Urgently.
  • Stimulate the ‘fabrication’ of the Code with Ethereum (for exemple)
  • 3 to 5 years of work on the Code (less if possible)

Fase 2

  • Reach Local, Regional, Nacional, Continental and Global Organizations (Governamental and Non-Governamental) that present Visible Conditions for testing the Code
  • Make it better

Fase 3

  • Make it public
  • Stimulate its usage in Parliments and Governance

Fase 4

  • Gradual change of Democratic procedure
  • Better usage of Planetary resorces

Is this to absurd?
If you agree in general with the idea, can you correct items?
Can you help developing this?

PS: Note that I am not talking about robots. I’m talking about an Open Source Informatic Code.

I believe keeping the nature of the software of the proposed AI will make it vulnerable to manipulation both from external and internal threats. Unlike normal governments or governing authority where accessibility is a requisite making the AI accessible in the same fashion may be a risk.

Rather to change the definiton of approachability of common population to the government (AI in this case) to review its function but not be operable

Hence it should not be open source