Draft email for intro to authority database maintenance from WhatDoTheyKnow and MaDada

Thanks for joining our volunteer meetup today 2023-03-21T23:00:00Z! :slight_smile:

Our email to madada.fr and whatdotheyknow.com could go something along the lines of:

We would like to learn of the automated solutions for database maintenance and integrated workflows. Could you make a screenshare record where you describe your solution connected to the documentation already made in text?


Would text partially formulated with some phrases generated by AI be okay to use here to brainstorm, (in addition to as using your above text and my text).
I have read the Community Guidelines, and as I understand the phrase “someone else” to mean a person (and since AI is not a person), I conclude it would be okay to include this type of generated text as ideas or examples of the sort of language that would be helpful in the proposed letter. Please advise.

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@kko It’s OK. It sounds good. It’s very informal and nice community so it doesn’t need to be formal :slight_smile:

"As a fellow [organization type that we and the addressed are], we are always looking for ways to improve our processes and enhance our impact. We would like to learn from you in order to gain important insight on how to more efficiently use automated solutions for database maintenance and integrated workflows so as to help us better serve the community and the mission.

We would be grateful if you are able to share a screen record(ing) where you describe your solutions connected to the documentation, which have been made in text, and explain how they work in more detail.

(Possibly useful comment, in the interest of protecting any sensitive internal operations, which have no commitment, and neither would be of any use, to public knowledge:
“We will ensure that any sensitive information shared remains confidential” etc etc)

Likewise, in the spirit of reciprocity and for mutual benefit, we are happy to share our practices/info/processes that may be of use to you.

Thank you for considering our request. We believe that sharing knowledge and best practices between organizations like ours can ultimately lead to a greater impact and improved outcomes for the communities we all serve.


Your name
Your org


@kko Looks and sounds great! :slight_smile: You don’t mind if I put you on cc for this message?

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@kko This is what I found from madada.fr @LaurentS

Following up on our post focused on madada.fr, I thought we could share some discussions around connecting alaveteli with WikiData.

We are in the process of uploading our database to WikiData, which will enable a variety of data enrichment and interesting quantitative exploration that is pretty much impossible right now.
This is a lot of work, but most likely very valuable in the long run.