Election openness for Norway


Categorising the results from elections in Norway as “0 % open” is really absurd. The election results are completely open. The election results are reported in TV and newspapers as soon as they are available, down to exact numbers of votes in each election district. The elections results are presented on a web site:

The election results can also be downloaded as an Excel spread sheet from the same web address.

It has been like this for many years, and there are no signs that it will change.

The election results in Norway are 100 % open, not “0 % open”.


I assume it’s probably because the data is not available down to the polling station level ?

(similar issue in Belgium, because we have counting stations are required to mix ballots from polling stations before counting, similar remarks from the UK), see also Entry for election results / United Kingdom

It is a bit strange, since last year that seemed to be OK…


Data ARE available down to polling station level. The election results in Norway are 100 % open, not “0 % open”. Here is a sample page from a large database where every vote cast into each ballot box is counted.


This example shows a detailed count one polling station, out of many polling stations in the municipality. Similar counts are available for all polling stations.

What is your basis for claiming that “data is not available down to the polling station level” in Norway?

It is difficult to take such a ranking seriously when there are obvious errors. Norway is one of the most open and democratic countries in the world. Describing the elections in Norway as “0 % open” is very misleading.


My apologies, I’m not in any way involved in reviewing / rating the Norwegian entry, just mentioning what was likely the cause for Belgium to get a similar 0% score on election results (.be does publish all results by the way, with the exact number of votes, but on the municipality level or on the counting station level, not polling station)

The reviewer (once again, not me) mentioned in his review for Norway “Data available at a electoral district level, not by polling station.”


I think the reviewer covent is very comprehensive in the page. I am.pasting
it here. According to it, the count is in districts, not polling stations.
It also says the municipalities can choose if they want to count in poll
stations levels. Jan,please have a look and please tell us if you can find
the data.

“Data available at a electoral district level, not by polling station. No
information given on license of the data. Submitter states that
machine-readable version was not available immediately following the
election. Link provided by submitter with downloadable file (
http://valgresultat.no/om-valgresultat?type=ko&år=2015) is no longer
available. Changed submission to not downloadable at once. Submitter states
that it’s up to the election board in each municipality if they want to
count votes for each election circuit (=voting place) or not.”