Embed button does not work


I am hoping to be able to embed a Timemap into my Omeka.net site, but the button (next to the Tweet button on the upper right) does not appear active. Is this option currently down?


I’m having the same problems. Has there been a solution yet? Thank you!


me too!! 000000000000000000



I tried both with mozilla firefox and chrome (windows 10) and the embed button doesn’t work in none of them…

Please help!

Thank you in advance.


I’m running into the same issue. Did anyone ever find a solution?


I’m also having this problem. I was hoping to use this tool for a class project I’m assigning, but I can’t if it isn’t working.


No ability to embed really seems like a deal breaker. Apparently it has been down since August. Can’t anyone help?


@meganraby Fixed! :tada: