Embedding Open Data in the Procurement process


How do you ensure that the systems and data that you purchase, support the publishing of open data?

What requirements do you add to your tender requests and how do you evaluate them?

For example:

  • the system must provide the ability to export data as a comma separated value file
  • it is desirable that the system provide an API to allow the public read-only access to the data
    • score higher for additional security controls for higher levels of access
    • score higher for consumption limit options or other controls to help guarantee service levels
  • reference data provided with the system must be provided with the right to publish it as open data

A small set of resources to help start the conversation:

Can you add to the list of resources or requirements?


I think this will be industry specific and something that industry sectors should be looking at contributing to.

It is pretty standard that industries which might create a negative social impact will band together to form a standard which ensures a positive social impact is sustained. Safety standards, for example, are often established via major players within an industry via peak bodies. These standards then become prerequisite in Government procurement processes.

A similar approach could be taken for open data. Any industry which creates a good or service capable of generating data, given that the service or good will be used by jurisdictions, would have an incentive to come together to establish a standard. Further incentive can be created by jurisdictions in the form of regulating the generic ‘make data available’ prerequisite. This type of statement could be included in tender documentation to stimulate private sector collaboration via normal competitive arrangements.