Energy scenarios database project

This is a stub posting to a longer posting: the objective here being to make a point about complex data and its management:

There is a small research field that builds energy system models to analyze current and as yet unrealized public policy options. And a subset of that field focuses open source development, open data, and open access publications. The models used are necessarily exploratory, not predictive, and therefore rely on scenarios to represent current and future ambitions and constraints.

A recently completed project called SzenarienDB attempted to support the data management required by numerical scenario analysis. The project made the scenarios themselves first class data objects, just like more mundane data objects like weather timeseries and lists of windfarms. And, at the heart of the project, lay a negotiated and detailed ontology. The backend architectures is schematically as follows:

The reason for posting here is that the SzenarienDB project might possibly be an exemplar that can be adapted for other domains and applications? All the required source code is open licensed on GitHub too. Alternatively, If any one knows of similar work in other domains, could you post below? TIA!

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