Data Package validator

Hello all.

In a meeting with the Portuguese LoCo coordinator and leader of some other open data initiatives I found out they were creating a national (Portuguese, that is) database called Central de Dados and they were open to any contributions.

I’ve gone through many resources out there to figure out which one is the best/straightforward and I figured their options were actually the best.
Therefore, if you (or anyone, and it is free to use, of course) want to create a data package to be later published online through Open Economics, please follow the instructions in this repository that will be frequently updated for all issues that may arise.
It also mentions the open data best practises and that is something I’d like to go by.

Thank you for your time and for your uploads!

Hi @gsilvapt really cool! Just to let you know, validation has been moved into the main datapackage library now (GitHub - frictionlessdata/datapackage-py: A Python library for working with Data Packages.)

Also, you can chat about Data Packages here: Frictionless Data - Open Knowledge Forums

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