Entry for Government Spending / Colombia

Danny, I understand why you didn’t think it is spending since it took me a while at the beginning to find the actual transactions (which are there!) - you can see the beneficiary, the amount that they were contracted for and the actual sum that they were paid for. I believe that it is confusing since you can see when an entity was contracted and not when it was paid…

Some beneficiaries are also municipalities, so it actually shows transfer for government bodies. I cant grants data, but it is fair, I didn’t see spending on grants in any other country besides Israel.

@LauraOsorio - as we mentioned before - we looking at datasets in the point of time that is before the 15th of March. As @julianagomez mentioned here - they added a link to bulk download only on March 30. This means after our original assessment. I appreciate and honoured that the Colombian government listen to our feedback, but accepting this will lose the reliability of the research.