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Hello, the data displays tender/procurement data.
Do you have a link to the direct source to the spending data?

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Hello Diana,

This link https://www.datos.gov.co/Hacienda-y-Cr-dito-P-blico/Cu-ndo-y-a-qui-n-se-contrat-por-Entidad/gkqf-s4yd has all the information and if you want more detail you click the government office and you can find all the specific characteristics that you require.


Hi Diana,

We have updated the report of the dataset and you can find the complete information in this link: https://www.datos.gov.co/Hacienda-y-Cr-dito-P-blico/Compromisos-Suscritos-Cu-ndo-y-a-quien-se-contrat-/nz7x-zpev.


@Mor can you help me to let me know if we already accomplished all the requirement



We are reviewing the index, so it’s hard for me to say anything that it is formal and final. We did, however accepted this as spending data, but this is not downloadable at once and was really hard for me to find. I will be happy to give more information after the Index launch on May 2nd. In the meanwhie please dont submit any more submissions to the index, since it’s interrupting our work.



Hi Mor,

We have updated the report of the dataset and you can find the dataset downloadable at once in this link: https://www.datos.gov.co/Hacienda-y-Cr-dito-P-blico/Compromisos-Suscritos-Cu-ndo-y-a-quien-se-contrat-/nz7x-zpev

Bets Regards



Dear @julianagomez,

thank you very much for your feedback. As part of the public dialogue we will follow up on your input, and will get back to you in the coming days.

All the best


Hello @dannylammerhirt

My name is Laura and I am an Economics student.

I have some concerns regarding the evaluation of the government spends dataset. The evaluator says that the information is not available in bulk, but the information can be download at once in CSV format, in the following link: http://www.pte.gov.co/WebsitePTE/AboutContactSector.

I think the information on the website of the Ministry of Economy is very complete and is very useful for both entrepreneurs and citizens, who are interested in how the government spends the resources. I found the information very complete and very useful.

All the best


Hi @LauraOsorio and @dannylammerhirt

The link that you have sent, it doesn’t work.

However, you are right in your appreciation and the dataset can be downloadable at once in this link: https://www.datos.gov.co/Hacienda-y-Cr-dito-P-blico/Compromisos-Suscritos-Cu-ndo-y-a-quien-se-contrat-/nz7x-zpev

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Hi all,

actually I spotted a mistake. The data that is presented here is very nice procurement data with a component of procurement implementation (showing the actual payments towards different contracts).

The only problem is, that this is still not the transactional level. We cannot see recipients, and we do not see how much money has been spent per each single transaction. This is what transactional spending data according to GODI’s definition should look like.

We will need to correct this, @Mor, @tlacoyodefrijol.


We apologise for this misunderstanding, but we will publish a blogpost on this topic, and will review the spending data category. We have seen that a fair amount of currently accepted spending data submissions are actually not at the transactional level.

This means that even if we reject this submission, it will not affect Colombia’s ranking.

But we do encourage you to share your experiences with us about blockages to provide transactional spending data. This is very useful information for us.

Also please do feel free to comment on our blogpost we will soon publish. We will let you know about this


Hi @dannylammerhirt, @Mor and @tlacoyodefrijol

I’m sorry but I disagree with you, the dataset shows a transactional level.

You can see the recipients in column D (Beneficiarios). Also, if you filter by commitment number (Column C) you can see the different disbursements of the contracts, with the date and value per each transaction. You can even see the value paid vs. the value of the contract.

Thank you for your attention.


Hi @julianagomez,

Thanks for the pointer. We will check this again.



Danny, I understand why you didn’t think it is spending since it took me a while at the beginning to find the actual transactions (which are there!) - you can see the beneficiary, the amount that they were contracted for and the actual sum that they were paid for. I believe that it is confusing since you can see when an entity was contracted and not when it was paid…

Some beneficiaries are also municipalities, so it actually shows transfer for government bodies. I cant grants data, but it is fair, I didn’t see spending on grants in any other country besides Israel.

@LauraOsorio - as we mentioned before - we looking at datasets in the point of time that is before the 15th of March. As @julianagomez mentioned here - they added a link to bulk download only on March 30. This means after our original assessment. I appreciate and honoured that the Colombian government listen to our feedback, but accepting this will lose the reliability of the research.

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