Entry for Locations / places without zipcodes


I would like to make some comment on the assessment criterion of Locations data in Global Open Data Index 2016 ( https://index.okfn.org/place/hk/postcodes/ ). The assessment looks at address data with zipcodes/postcodes and coordinates (latitude and longitude), especially for public and private buildings, and believe the data can help in routing, direct mailing and marketing, etc.

Some places like Hong Kong provide coordinates of addresses but has no zipcodes or postcodes, and Hong Kong scored zero on the category Locations. Hong Kong, as an example, does not provided data of zipcodes/postcodes because the place does not use either postcodes nor zipcodes at all, but people can still use the published coordinates of addresses to do routing, direct mailing and marketing, etc. The assessment criterion on Locations data should be reviewed to provide some flexibility for places that do not use zipcodes.


Hi @peterson3am,

Thanks so much for your comments. This is very valuable information for us and we are happy to refine our data categories and add other data points / refine the descriptions of current data points.

Do you have a link to a documentation of the post system in Hong Kong? Something where we could see how the coordination system looks like? That would be very helpful also for us to improve our guidance material for the index.