Entry for National Maps / Mexico


After a review of the initial information presented in the 2016 Mexico submissions for the GODI, submitters from civil society - Sergio Araiza- and responsibles of the open data initiative in México - Enrique Zapata-, got together to dialogue, analyze and perfect the information presented in these first submissions.

This is an example of the value and benefits that the Index can bring to get civil society, citizens and government together to discuss opportunity areas for open data in the country, understand different views regarding a single issue, and agree on next steps and actions to continue working towards a robust and strengthened ecosystem in Mexico.

After these analyses, we would like to kindly request the GODI to take into account the following clarifications:

National Maps
Inclusion of three new datasets that reflect the GODIs requested dimensions for national maps:
Open Data Portal, Spatial Data: datos.gob.mx/busca/dataset/red-nacional-de-caminos
Open Data Portal, Water Stretches: datos.gob.mx/busca/dataset/cuerpos-de-agua
National Borders: inegi.org.mx/geo/contenidos/geoestadistica/M_Geoestadistico.aspx
Question B6, change to ‘yes’, data is updated at least every year
Question B8, include available formats: SHP and KML


As an update to the reviewer, the bulk download of the files can be found here: https://datos.gob.mx/busca/dataset/bulk-de-cartografia-geoestadistica-urbana


Dear @Enrique_Zapata

thank you very much for your feedback. As part of the public dialogue phase we will follow up on your input and will get back to you in the coming days.

All the best,


In the context of the GODI public dialogue phase, and its objective to discuss the GODI preliminary results in an open dialogue, on May 25th, 2017, Ania Calderón - Executive Director of the Open Data Charter, Oscar Montiel - International Community Coordinator of Open Knowledge International, Sergio Araiza - SocialTIC y Escuela de Datos and Enrique Zapata - General Director of Open Data in Mexico, gathered in a joint Hang Out to:

• Discuss the preliminary results for Mexico,
• Analyze the pertinence of these preliminary reviews and the existence of requested datasets in open formats, and
• Agree on submitting joint comments to be taken into account

After this exercise this group would like to kindly request the reviewers to take into account the following clarifications to the ‘National maps’ dataset in all its ‘downloadable at once’ dimension, based on the following comment:

  1. Data can be downloadable at once in: https://datos.gob.mx/busca/dataset/bulk-de-cartografia-geoestadistica-urbana/resource/66f432c1-80be-44e4-833b-5518df05e2f9
  2. This file contains: elevation, political division, national road network, water bodies and urban geostatistics.

We thank the reviewers for their time and willingness to take into account the work done jointly by civil society and government to perfect the GODI and increase its value for the open data community.


Dear @Enrique_Zapata,

Thank you very much for the work and involvement you’ve had in this year’s Index. We checked the new resource you sent. We value better and more available resources for the users and will note these changes in our reviewer comments so that any user is aware of it.

Yet, given that these changes have been made a month ago we won’t change the score for this entry this year.

All the best


Hi @dannylammerhirt, just for your consideration, the bulk dataset was published on “2017-03-01T00:00:00Z”, as one can see on the resources[0].adela.dataset.publishDate parameter. in the metadata aggregate: https://api.datos.gob.mx/v1/data-fusion?adela.dataset.identifier=bulk-de-cartografia-geoestadistica-urbana