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This is a discussion about the submission for National Maps / Uruguay.

Adding some data for the entry.

B1.1. Please provide the name of the government agency or organisation that collects the data
"Servicio Geográfico Militar" should be added to the current agency listed.

B2.2. Where did you find the data?
A more precise version of the listed URL is: http://ide.uy/descargas
And this one should be added: http://www.sgm.gub.uy/geoportal/index.php/geoservicios/listado-de-servicios


I haven’t been able to find the download link for the geodata, either raster of vector. The GeoNetwork geoportal offers access to a wealth of metadata and i could identify the WMS services, but not downloadable data in the sense of the survey requirements. Here http://www.sgm.gub.uy/geoportal/index.php/mapas/descargas I can only see the distribution of map sheets. Could you please help?


Hi! I’m adding some specific links, but please teake into consideration geodata is not my stronghold :slight_smile:
Also let me know if I can help with translation or clear any doubts on the sites.

There is a “downloads” link in the IDE website (IDE stands for Spacial Data Infrastructure in spanish) that actually links to several other sites.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for the time and effort invested into such a detailed answer. It does help! :slight_smile:

  1. The information from the National Institute for Statistics does not qualify for this theme because it must be the official agency that own the data that we evaluate. In the case of the national map, it may be the National Survey Agency or the Military Mapping Office or something as such.

  2. 1:500.000 is not compliant with the requirements of this theme

  3. The shapes do not provide all the requested information (river streams, roads). I have tried to access the geoservices (wfs) but their service has been down every day since the 21st of February. The dxf is another vector format having the same data.

  4. Still not what the Global Open Data Index reviews for the national map theme.
    I will not yet publish the review, will wait a couple of days maybe the Tomcat will recover and I can check the WFS.

Thanks again!