Entry for Procurement / Brazil

This is a discussion about the submission for Procurement / Brazil.

B1.1. Please provide the name of the government agency or organisation that collects the data.

Ministério da Transparência, Fiscalização e Controladoria-Geral da União

The Brazilian Transparency Ministry is a new government department created in 2016. Before that it was an autonomous government agency .

Some people argue that it was just a change of name, considering that the responsibilities of the new Ministry are the same as the previous “Office of the Comptroller-General”.

B6. Data should be updated every month: Is the data up-to-date?


The data from the first 2 links was updated last september (09/2016). The other weblinks, where i can get the API, were updated in 2014.

I’m sure that at the time the survey was answered the data was from 2015, not 2014. They were quite outdated, anyway. At the beginning of January 2017, however, it has been updated with recent data. In fact, I could find an entry as recent as January 16th, 2017, which was just last week. The sector responsible for the data has stated that it will receive regular monthly updates from now on.

I’m not sure if this answer should be reviewed to “yes”, as the survey should probably reflect the state of affairs in December 2016. However, the lack of updates was a serious and persistent problem that has finally been solved, greatly enhancing the usefulness of this dataset.

B7.1. Please submit a URL to the open licence or to a statement that the data are in public domain.

Portal de Dados Abertos

the data is under The Creative Commons Attribution license as stated in the link provided.

There is conflicting information about the licensing of this dataset. The open data portal says Creative Commons Attribution, as mentioned in the submission. However, the API documentation says it’s ODbL. Both are considered open, so I think that, despite the conflicting information, the answer to B7 should still be kept as a “yes”.

B8. In which formats are the data?


the most up to date data i can only get the CSV i dont think its fair to say i can get any other formats because the last time it was updated was 2014, b ut anyways, it used to be available.

GeoJSON should be corrected to JSON, which is in fact available. I think this was probably a mistake on the submitter’s part.

B9. Please provide an assessment of how easily the data are usable without human effort. Select 1 if extensive effort is required to make data usable, select 2 if some effort is required and select 3 if little to no effort is required.


from the transparency webpage is quite easy. but since there are other ways to get the info that require programming skills (even though it’s not updated), I give it a 2.

In regard to that, I’d just like to comment that a dataset should not be considered difficult to use just because it is in an open data API form, as we previously discussed here.