Entry for procurement / ro

This is a discussion about the submission for procurement / ro.

The links are wrong. Here are the correct ones:

Procurement 2007-2015: http://data.gov.ro/dataset/achizitii-publice-2007-2016-contracte6

Procurement 2016: http://data.gov.ro/dataset/achizitii-publice-2016

The data is in open format (CSV) and it can be downloaded in bulk.

Thank you for pointing to these resources, Ovidiu. We will look into the resources you shared and get back to you soon.

Hi Ovidiu,

We checked the resources provided and realized the data in the links you provided is available in the data portal since January and February of this year. It seems like the permalink for the historical data changed [?]. I went to the screenshot of the portal in the wayback machine and noticed that the link provided initially was working in the dates when the information was submitted. This means that we can’t change the original submission but will still mention that the data is now available.