Entry for Weather Forecast / Austria

This is a discussion about the submission for Weather Forecast / Austria.

In general: The data available on zamg.ac.at is not structured/semi-structured data, they are offered as a maps view for general audience. So, the data is mostly inside the visual representation, but not machine-readable. The data/visualizations in this website are all copyrighted, as stated here: Impressum — ZAMG

There is one exception to this: The actual measurements of some of the weather stations. They are offered on a daily base on the Austrian OGD Portal, as linked in the GODI submission. Meteorologische Messdaten der ZAMG - Datensätze - data.gv.at

So from my point of view, there is no data of the 5 day-forecast available, nor is it open. The link for the license is the one from the Austrian OGD Portal, which only relates to the daily measurements file mentioned before, but not to a 5-day forecast.

Hi @stefankasberger

I reviewed and changed the submission as follows:

I referred the assessment to data available here:
Homepage und APP — ZAMG

This dataset contains all required characteristics for 5 days and I considered it to be the reference forecast dataset, because it is most representative for the parameters the Index assesses.

It can be retrieved at once via FTP server but is not openly licensed and has to be paid on a monthly basis. To do so, users have to sign up for the service. It is available as HTML or in raw data (XML or CSV). I added the characteristics “precipitation amount” and “precipitation probability”.

Weather data is quite hard to assess sometimes, because the data comes in many forms (text, icons, maps, tables with numbers). In the Austrian case it is possible to use a reference dataset that contains all relevant information.


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