Entry for Weather Forecast / Romania


Hi @dannylammerhirt,
From my knowledge, the Romanian weather forecast is openly licensed. It is available on the Romanian open data portal.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Codrina,

thanks so much for being attentive here! I was checking the open data catalogue again. I found an XML dataset at: http://data.gov.ro/dataset/prognoza-meteorologica-pe-5-zile.

The description says the data contains temperature, rainfall, and wind for five days in major cities. So the dataset would qualify, and I’d apply your open license.

But when I go into the file, I neither can find wind speed nor wind direction. Also the documentation does not mention them. Therefore I think that the dataset does not contain wind information and does not qualify for review (because the reference dataset needs to include wind).

Let me know if I’ve overlooked something.

All the best