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I am writing to inquire about the evaluation of “weather forecast”, and it was made the adjustments, (http: //www.pronosticosyalertas. Gov.co/datas-de-pronostico)
Click the link above and type a name of some city of Colombia, (i.e. Medellín, Bucaramanga, Villavicencio, Bogotá, etc) and then you get the downloadable dataset.

Is this ok?



Hi @Carlos_Julio_Leon_Ca,

thank you for the update. I was trying out your link but couldn’t get to the same URL. Instead I found this one: http://www.pronosticosyalertas.gov.co/pronosticos

There I could only find information about temperature extremes as well as weather condition (incl. precipitation). Wind speed and direction were missing, which must be published online. If we cannot find this data online, we cannot accept the submission (because we are assessing all countries against the same weather parameters).

Can you send me the link you pointed me towards again? I’d love to correct the review in case I missed this data somewhere.

All the best


Hello @dannylammerhirt

This is the link, http://www.pronosticosyalertas.gov.co/datos-de-pronostico



Great, thanks so much Carlos!


Hi! @dannylammerhirt can you help me to let me know if we already accomplished all the requirement


Hi @Carlos_Julio_Leon_Ca, hi @Juan_Felipe_Devia_Ro,

please excuse the belated reply from our end. We are currently occupied with data cleaning, analysis and writing up of the final results. I reviewed the dataset again and it meets all requirements (besides being downloadable in bulk since it is retrievable individually per city through a search interface).

Thank you so much again for your feedback.


Hi @Carlos_Julio_Leon_Ca, hi @Juan_Felipe_Devia_Ro,

I see two issues here before accepting it, though.

Firstly I am unable to verify whether this website existed before March 15 (see image of the Wayback Machine)

Secondly, when I’m visiting the next higher URL “http://www.pronosticosyalertas.gov.co” I cannot find any link to the webpage datos abiertos de pronósticos. I cannot find it in the code of the webpage either, so it seems like it is added somehow online, but users cannot access this webpage.

In this image you can see when looking for the URL in the source code there are 0 hits:

For both reasons I cannot accept this submission. If you can fix the link and highlight the open data section prominently, I can leave a remark in the final reviewer comment that the data has been added afterwards - then users see that the data is available and can put the score into context


As a side-note: my search engine finds your webpage of datos abiertos del tiempo easily. So this is a great point (given that many users might simply use Google or another search engine to look for the data).

I still recommend to place the link to the subpage prominently - this can enhance the UX of your website.


Hi Danny

I am very happy to be able to help you with these two issues!

The first one, was replied on March 14th, as shown in this image.

And the second one, the link was reported in datos.gov.co, as was accepted it and that link is online since the first evaluation: https://www.datos.gov.co/Ambiente-y-Desarrollo-Sostenible/PRON-STICO-DEL-TIEMPO/st8p-pai8



That’s great Danny!!!
Thank you very much for the recommendation, we are working as soon as possible to be linked to the main page.


Hello everyone!

First of all, I briefly introduce myself. My name is Luis Vilches and am the ambassador of the OKI in Colombia.

I have checked the provided URL for this topic (Weather Forecast) and I would like to comment some issues about associated data. The data are associated with Colombian’s municipalities and cities. Thus, for instance, I can recover data for Bogota. However, data are provided for only one location, due to the fact that they are associated with only one latitude and longitude. It can be checked in the following screenshot.

On the other hand, with respect to different meteorological variables, which are listed in http://global.survey.okfn.org/entry/co/weather, provided data (http://www.pronosticosyalertas.gov.co/datos-de-pronostico) do not present “Temperature extremes” and values of “Wind direction” are very strange. Besides, “Probabilidad de tormenta” and “Pronóstico” do not match.

Furthermore, there is another URL related to this topic in the Colombia’s Open Data Portal "Pronóstico de tiempo y alertas hidrometeorológicas"
However, this URL do not provide data, just a WSDL file.

Finally, although this topic is related to Weather Forecast, I would like to highlight that it is not possible to collect historical data associated with this topic.


Hi, Danny,

The IDEAM already put the link of download of the weather forecast data from the start page of the portal - http://www.ideam.gov.co/, for this you must follow the following steps

Step 1: Click on the link “PRONOSTICOS Y ALERTAS”.

Step 2: click on the link “Descarga datos abiertos pronósticos IDEAM”

Step 3: Enter a city name and download the data.

Thank you very much.