Entry for Weather Forecast / Montenegro


This is a discussion about the submission for Weather Forecast / Montenegro.

Hi @arianit

I’m reviewing your submission for Montenegro’s weather data. First of all, great job! I only had one remark and one question.

My remark: I would say that the data is in HTML. If you look at the source code at this page you can see that each weather symbol is embedded in the code. Symbols of wind direction are named so that you could derive what they mean, just by looking at their name (e.g. wind direction 180, or wind direction 90). Also other symbols seem to be uniquely named, such as precipitation amount (even though their names do not allow to understand how much rain falls). So this is a matter of data usability (and I would answer question B9 with “1” to state that substantial effort is required to process data.

A question: where did you find a data download? I was checking the entire website, but could not find a download link.

Best wishes


Hi @dannylammerhirt, glad you found it helpful. Yes, they are in symbology and not very precise. It was a border case, a common standard should be used for all countries.

To me structured data requiring some programming was a 2, machine readable data formats ready to go a 3 and scans requiring manual processing a 1.

Here is the XML for current weather, link is first on the left menu here