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Hi @Moqri,

at first glance this data complies with our dataset definition. But I can only see detailed weather data for the current day. Do you know if there is information on wind speed, direction, temperature, and precipitation for the following two days, too?

All I can find is rather unintelligible icons indicating how the weather will change in the coming 24 hours. Unfortunately this does not cover the timespan we are looking at (current day + 2 following days), nor the data elements like wind, temperature, or precipitation.

Very much looking forward to your feedback!


Hi @dannylammerhirt and @Moqri

unfortunately, there’s no data on wind speed, direction, temperature, and participation or anything else. there are only some unuseful icons.
not in English edition, nor in Persian.

the point is that the weather data isn’t classified, but the Metrological Organisation (like all other governmental oraganisation) don’t know the benefits and opportunities open data have. we (transparency4iran) are trying to promote Open data, it’s benefits and impacts. also, are working on some laws and regulations to open up government data.


Thanks @mhkhani,

I will leave this review unchanged then. @Moqri is it clear and reasonable how we assess this data category? Would love to hear your input on what data we could assess in the future to improve our categories further. All input is welcome!