European Open Science Cloud - EOSC

Anyone out there working on projects related to EOSC?
(European Open Science Cloud)

I am working on one of the funded projects, EOSC-Hub, for EGI.

What in particular are you interested in ?

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I work at DANS as a Student Research Assistant, it is also a partner organization for EOSC-Hub and EOSC Pilot. I noticed that the Open Science discussion wasn’t very active so I was just curious if others here are involved in those kinds of projects.

I am a bit familiar with EGI and FitSM although I haven’t used the services.

I agree, the actual “Open” bit of the Open Science Cloud seems to be on the backburner. This may just be my impression. A lot of work has gone into building policy around Open Access research outputs and other pieces of scholarly infrastructure. There are a few open data initiatives worth keeping in mind as well (present company included), but not much on the practice and dissemination of the pillars of Open Science. At least, not to my knowledge. There are many activities around EOSC aimed at Open Science though.

As a side note if you want to use EGI’s service, you can start at the marketplace - browse the services on offer and place an order.

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