Furthcoming Dutch EU Presidency emphasise ‘Open Science’, anyone knows more?

The furthcoming Dutch EU Presidency (first half of 2016) mentions ‘Open Science’ and 'Open Access" in a letter to the EU Council (p. 10). It says: “It will also focus on the rapid developments in science, which is becoming more and more open and digital (‘Science 2.0’ or ‘Open Science’). In line with the government’s recent paper on science policy, the Netherlands supports the Commission’s efforts to enhance the impact of science, and will work above all to advance open access to scientific publications and the use of research results.”

The refered paper on science policy can be found here: https://www.government.nl/documents/reports/2014/12/08/2025-vision-for-science-choices-for-the-future

Does anyone know more about the Dutch Presidency’s plans in this field?

I attended the meeting and participated in one or two break out sessions. I tried to push the three foundations of Open Science, and some things were picked up, but not very strongly. There is the risk that things get hijacked and we end up in a fuzzy situation as around Open Access. Of course, it helped get about the European Open Science Cloud.

Of note is the NL is current creating a national plan, and I’m trying to get the OKI and the Dutch node on the list of stakeholders. That involves getting the Dutch OKI node and the Dutch Open Science community a bit more active and at least visible again :slight_smile:


The presidency led to the document Amsterdam Call for Action on Open Science which was welcomed by the EC. It lead (at least contributed to) the establishment of the European Open Science Cloud. National governments are tasked with setting up plans, like the Dutch National Plan Open Science.

That plan was published formally early 2017, and on May 29 a first national meeting will be organized: “Open Science: the National Plan and you”. Aimed at Dutch researchers, people can register here.

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Thanks for the followup