Entry for Locations // Finland

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Index URL: https://index.okfn.org/place/fi/postcodes/

In red:

  • It’s not openly licenced
  • It’s not in an open and machine-readable format
  • It’s not downloadable at once
  • It’s not up-to-date
  • It’s not publicly available
  • It’s not available free of charge

Coordinates (latitude, longitude)
Data available for entire country

The data is availabable at https://www.avoindata.fi/data/fi/dataset/rakennusten-osoitetiedot-koko-suomi

The .opt format is effectively csv.

There was also a frictionless package just released:

That looks like a good source to me.
@codrina - can you please have a look and confirm?

Also, the data is for 15/5/2017. We only look at data until 15/3/17.

Is there older version of the data

Ok, I am going to say that it existed, but the OPT files I could not open…

Those OPT files are basically semicolon separated text files. Libre Office or Notepad++ can open them. Not sure why that format was used but perhaps internal system is using OPT file name extension for some reason. Good to see it was fixed already.