Ghana is ready for the world


If you havent heard of Ghana,check it out. We are upcoming nation and we trying to get our data on the LOD cloud, help make this a reality


Hi @meishem, welcome to the forums!

What are you exactly doing? What help do you need?


Hi @melshem, my name is David Opoku. I am from Ghana also and always looking for way to strengthen the open data community.

Can you shed more light on what exactly you’re trying to do? Some background on what LOD cloud is will be helpful also. Maybe there is a way we can collaborate.


The next phase of the web is upcoming which is the semantic web.To kick start the semantic web, LOD (Linked Open Data) cloud project was established. The founding aim of the project, was to bootstrap the Web of Data by identifying existing data sets available under open licenses, convert them to RDF according to the Linked Data principles, and to publish them on the Web


Hello @melshem
I would love to know more about the project you work on last year. I am from Nigeria but I am in Ghana for a while.